Buy our new “Resurgens” EP!!!

We finally decided to get off of our asses and release something new. You can now buy our new “Resurgens” EP HERE. Currently we’re ONLY releasing it through our ReverbNation store, but that means you can buy it for less than itunes would charge you. For $5.99 you get 3 brand new songs from the studio, and 5 never been released live songs.

Our first EP, “The Early Years,” will soon be free. Our old itunes agreement has come to a close and we’re not gonna renew it since we’ve got new shit to promote. So the old shit, will be free. As soon as everything gets cleared we’ll link it up.

The LOOOOONG awaited “Death, Honor, and Greed” full length album is STILL IN THE WORKS. It’s coming soon though, we promise. In the mean time, the 5 live songs on the “Resurgens” EP are live versions of some songs from “Death, Honor, and Greed.”

A HUGE thanks goes out to our good friends and fans who helped us make all of this possible.