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April 12, 2016


No Trials for Traitors

Produced by Undead Viking Mafia
Co-Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Michael Lester and Daniel Ernest
Mastered by Daniel Ernest
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at EST Audio
Music and Lyrics by Undead Viking Mafia

Additional Vocals on “Kreyp-Hang-er”: Michael Lester
Banjo on “The Corsair”: Andrew Swinney
Operatic Vocals on "Hetfields & McCoys": Emily Mashburn
Additional Vocals on “For Four”: Max Rebel (of Plainride), Daniel Ernest, Adam Wesolowski, Tyler Trail
Keyboards on “For Four”: Ryan Miracle
Keyboards on “Doom Year’s Eve”: Daniel Ernest

Cover Art by Michael Mauldin
Interior Logo Design By Christophe Szpajdel

CD Layout by Tony Bullard and Juan A. Baez III

Undead Viking Mafia is:
Vocals: Juan A. Baez III
Guitars: Adam Wesolowski
Drums: Tyler Trail
Bass/Backing Vocals: Tony Bullard

Special Thanks to: Alex Buckellew, Beerfuzz Records, Brad Kemp, Koskee, Lee Satterfield, Sarah Frary, Timon Menge and all of our friends & family.