Author: UVM-Juan

New shirts and web store!

You can buy our new shirts directly from our bandcamp! There’s a limited supply so pull out that wallet and get that shit.

We’re writing new shit!

We’ve titled our next ep/lp “No Trials for Traitors.” So far we’ve written around 8 songs for it and we should get in the studio by the end of the year. You should see some live versions of these new songs start popping up on our youtube.

Groupees Community Bundle

We recently participated in the Groupees Community Bundle to help raise money for flood victims in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. The top three contributors not only got our latest EP, they got free t-shirts! Groupees is always bundling shit together so be sure to check them out even though our bundle is gone!

We’re big in Germany.

The german music blog “Plattenteller” did an album review, interview, AND got Juan’s top 10 songs he’s listening to. Trifuckingfecta.

500 “Stars” for Kids


We’re playing 500 Songs for Kids again this year! We’ll be playing “Stars” by Hum and it’s gonna be a bit ridiculous. We’re going to have a guest bassist, our bassist will be rotating to guitar for the evening (don’t worry, our actual lineup hasn’t changed), and we might even have an ADDITIONAL vocalist! We’re pulling out all the stops for this one. Be sure to hit our event page for details including how to donate to the 500 Songs for Kids charity!