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Holy crap was that a good show

Thanks to everyone for coming out to our show last night. It was truly a blast and possibly our best show yet. Thanks also to Buried with Children and Faith in Arms for tearing it up before us.

If you missed it, have no fear. We should be playing the Masquerade again with our good friends Buried with Children on February 22nd. Keep checking back for more info.

Also, we recorded our whole set last night so expect some youtube videos to pop up in the next week.

Thanks again to everyone, it was a great show for us and hopefully a great show for you too.

-Juan from UVM

The first show is over!

Thanks to everyone that came out, we’ll be hitting the practice space this coming Sunday to hammer the kinks out of a few new songs. We’re also going to be working on our press kit this week and planning our first video. Photos from this past show should be up sometime today, so keep checking back.


New Bassist

Andrew from Mercy By Madison is going to be taking over bass duties for UVM. He’s still an active member of MBM so be sure to check them out.