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Groupees Community Bundle

We recently participated in the Groupees Community Bundle to help raise money for flood victims in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. The top three contributors not only got our latest EP, they got free t-shirts! Groupees is always bundling shit together so be sure to check them out even though our bundle is gone!

We’re big in Germany.

The german music blog “Plattenteller” did an album review, interview, AND got Juan’s top 10 songs he’s listening to. Trifuckingfecta.

New Reviews!

When people ask us what we sound like, we tend to respond with “eh….pantera….ish.” So when we got reviews from two different Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal sites, we were kind of taken by surprise. I didn’t even know NOLA style hardcore sludge metal was a genre. Now we have to play NOLA, fuckin’ thanks. Be sure to check out both reviews over at The Soda Shop and Ride with the Devil. Ride with the Devil really pinpointed many of our influences, we were definitely impressed.

We have a review!

Mark over at gave us a kick ass review. I’ve placed it in our newly created Press page but you can read it over on as well. Review

Mark from
“Hailing from right here in Atlanta, Undead Viking Mafia is the perfect music to crank up and bang your head to. The band’s sound incorporates different styles of music consisting of metal, southern rock, hardcore, and even some punk themes. The vocals are powerful and would destroy a crowd live. The guitar parts are very diverse. You can definitely hear the southern influence, as well as the metal. From old school to new school, most metal fans will be pleased to hear what this band has to offer. The recordings online do not give the band justice, as I could see their live show being something that would leave you breathless. Also, check out their cover of “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar. A classic song, and this band puts a solid twist on it. You can’t help but sing along once the first note hits your ear. Undead Viking Mafia is a band trying something different in the scene, and for me, it works really well. I look forward to hearing future music from this band. Horns up!”