Category: Site v3.0

In the middle of writing a bunch of new music, we decided to reface this site, our bandcamp, and our youtube. Why? Because fuck stagnation. Although we’ve taken a break from shows lately, I assure you we’re not sitting around doing nothing. Undead Viking Mafia is working on it’s biggest release ever. None of you are ready. Make sure you’re wearing your helmets.

We have a review!

Mark over at gave us a kick ass review. I’ve placed it in our newly created Press page but you can read it over on as well.

New Photos!

There are photos from our recent practice session on our FlickR now. Look at them, in all their glory.

Bassist, Photos, and Concept Art coming soon

Next week we will hopefully have a permanent bassist to add to our ranks. New band photos will follow as we will officially have a full lineup. In addition to that, our good friend A.L.Ashbaugh has begun the concept art for the cover of The Early Years. We’ll post some of the sketches next week as well. Launches!

The Official Undead Viking Mafia site is here. Tool around and keep coming back as we’re working fast to get things up for download.