“The sound of red-eyed barbarians baking under a hot Atlanta sun.”

-Metal Hammer (UK) May 2013 Issue

“Whether it’s the dry Pantera riffs, the punchy bass or the voice of Juan A. Baez III, which sounds as if his morning rinse is rusty car parts and cigarette ash: The Undead Viking Mafia makes you download an offer that you can not refuse.”


“Full of superb hard-hitting Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs with great vocals to match. This release is simply a superb blast from start to finish. Featuring a great mix of Sludge/Stoner Metal blended with pure hardcore punk aggression.”

-The Sludgelord

“I’ve not heard anything this varied and yet so tight in a long long time. You’ve gotta hear these guys. No matter what your preferred genre I can pretty much guarantee that you’re gonna love ’em.”

-Ride with the Devil

“The band’s sound incorporates different styles of music consisting of metal, southern rock, hardcore, and even some punk themes. Undead Viking Mafia is a band trying something different in the scene, and for me, it works really well.”