This Friday at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta

4/29 at Smith's Olde Bar

UVM & Simon & Garfunkel & Blood Oaks

UVM Kills it for the kids!

At the end of our 500 Songs for Kids performance the organizers asked us to play another song on another day. This will now be the sixth time we’ve played for this charity and we’re really looking forward to it. The song they gave us this time around: Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence.” It should be just as ridiculous as our Spirit in the Sky cover. See us play it on 4/26 at The Loft with a little help from our friends in Blood Oaks.

UVM has a Spirit in the Sky

UVM Kills it for the kids!

We will be covering “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum for this years 500 Songs for Kids on 4/17 at The Earl. We’ve played this event for the past 4 years and are looking forward to once again killing it for the kids. They couldn’t have picked a better song for us. Expect an extremely undeadified version.

500 “Stars” for Kids


We’re playing 500 Songs for Kids again this year! We’ll be playing “Stars” by Hum and it’s gonna be a bit ridiculous. We’re going to have a guest bassist, our bassist will be rotating to guitar for the evening (don’t worry, our actual lineup hasn’t changed), and we might even have an ADDITIONAL vocalist! We’re pulling out all the stops for this one. Be sure to hit our event page for details including how to donate to the 500 Songs for Kids charity!

The Miracle of Birth….ritual…charity…

This Sunday (May 6th) Undead Viking Mafia will be destroying the stage for the 500 Songs for Kids charity event at Smith’s Olde Bar. Juan’s out of town so our good friend Ryan Miracle will be handling vocal duties. This is a great event, every night 50 different bands cover 50 different songs with very little stage setup time so you get a bombardment of songs you know by all kinds of bands. Last year, we followed two cellos, seriously. This year we’re playing Soundgarden’s “Birth Ritual,” and with the addition of Ryan Miracle it will be an incredibly unique and awesome Undead Viking Mafia performance. $10 GETS YOU THE WHOLE SEAT BUT YOU’LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!