Oh yea, Resurgens is now FREE.

Sometimes we neglect our main site. Seems we forgot to mention that we made our latest EP, “Resurgens,” FREE on our Bandcamp. So now when you’re in your car bitching about how all popular music these days sounds the same, a bunch of over produced autotuned shit, tons of dubstep nonsense, entire bands following awful trends driven by sales figures that mostly pay a bunch of fucking suits that have no souls; you can then go “oh yea, I got that FREE UVM shit.” Then you can drive away crying because of the sheer joy we bring to your ear holes. You’re welcome.

Did you say….FREE?!?!?!

We’ve decided to make our first EP “The Early Years,” totally absolutely fucking free god dammit. You can get it on our Bandcamp page as well as our new Soundcloud page.

While you’re freely mooching our old shit, please remember to buy the new shit. We’ve recently dropped the price of our new EP “Resurgens” to just $5. Which is stupid. We’re stupid for doing that. Do you understand me? Stupid. Buy that stupidly cheap noise HERE!!!