What a great show, and a new DVD coming!!!

Our recent show with It Dies Today was killer. A lot of new fans out there. Jason Wood from It Dies Today said we sounded “manly.” We’ll take it. Thanks to everyone that came out and keeps supporting us.

In other news, our DVD from the album preview show has been finished. Once we make copies we’ll have them for sale here, we’ll also be working on an order form for our t-shirts, and we’ll be getting some new limited editions shirts too. Things are looking up.

Our producer for the new record came down with some serious sickness recently so we had to push back the recording of “Death, Honor, and Greed.” But have no fear, it’s coming soon and I think you’re all really going to dig it.

1 More Day!!!

Be sure to get your tickets from us for tomorrows concert with It Dies Today, Arsonists Get All the Girls, and The Destro. We’re proud to be opening for these bands and need your support to show them GA hasn’t forgotten about metal.

UVM with It Dies Today

UVM wtih It Dies Today

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New show date!! Sept 17th with It Dies Today!

That’s right, UVM will be opening for It Dies Today at The Masquerade: Hell in Atlanta, GA on September 27th. More details coming soon!!!!

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