We’ve got a new show coming up where we’ll be unveiling some fresh new jams. We’ll see you fuckers 8/26 at 529. A facebook event page will be up as soon as our sisters from another father, Koskee, make it.

Guest appearances, New shows, New E.P. soon, New video, WHATTHEFUCK

Here’s your fucking itinerary.

10/25 – Our vocalist will be doing some guest vocals during Koskee’s set at The Masquerade in Hell.

10/31 – Our new E.P. “Ours, and Fairly Won” will be “dropping” on teh interwebs for FUCKING FREE.

11/04 – We’re playing with the fucking talented Diesel And Dixie at Club Famous. Our first show at their venue will likely be Club Famous’ last.

11/21 – We revisit the Ten High with our good friends Koskee and Ron Mexico. Drinks will be drank.

12/15 – We’re playing a FREE CONCERT at The Highlander with Blood Oaks and Koskee. Last show before the apocalypse. Free for you means we only get paid in beer…….this will be a mistake for the Highlander.

01/15 – Assuming we’re all still here, come see us drink Velvet Elvis (from Rochester, NY) under the table with Stone Mountain Freeway and Koskee. This show will likely kill the rest of Velvet Elvis’ tour plans so we hope you saw them when you had the chance.

New Shows!

8/30 at 10 High with Stone Mountain Freeway and BEiTTHEMEANS.

12/15 at The Highlander with Stone Mountain Freeway and Koskee.

Hello, My Carcass

The lyrics for our new song “Hello, My Carcass” are now up, you can find them here. We’ll be playing it live for the first time at the MacCrackens show on the 14th. Missing it would be, well, unadvised…

In other news, we FINALLY wrapped on the vocals for “Vipers and Charlatans.” What does that mean for you? MORE FREE MUSIC COMING SOON.

The White Trash Bash

The White Trash Bash

Whiskey Tango, Undead Viking Mafia, Koskee, and Blood Oaks at Johnnie Maccraken’s on June 14th.. Holy fuck. We’ve been wanting to play Maccracken’s for a long time, and now we’re set to annihilate it with our southern metal brethren. If you walk away from this uninjured, you did something wrong.