Saliva Live and Unplugged at Swayze’s

You read that right, on April 12th, 2018 Saliva is coming to Swayze’s in Marietta, GA. Undead Viking Mafia and Remnants of Hope will be kicking off the show before Saliva plays their special unplugged set. Now before you get any weird ideas, no, we will not be playing an acoustic set. We will be as loud as ever.

This will also be the first show with our new bassist, Ryan Miracle. He’s been a friend of the band for a long time and was even in our first video back in 2008. He also played keyboard on our LP, No Trials for Traitors. Give him a warm welcome and a sip of your flask.

Crowbar / Undead Viking Mafia / Full Measures April 10th at the Masquerade

Need we say more? Because we will be saying more. VERY soon. Buy your tickets to this show directly from us. And join the facebook event here.


No Trials for Traitors VLOG#1!

We’ve been hard at work writing for the new record, watch the above video and hear some snippets of new songs and hear us talk some shit about it.


We’re retreating to our practice space to further work on NEW SONGS. There’s two new ones buried in our recent live recording but we have several others in the works. We’re hoping to put a new album together in the next few months. In the meantime keep downloading our FREE MUSIC and visit us on facebook.

Hello, My Carcass

The lyrics for our new song “Hello, My Carcass” are now up, you can find them here. We’ll be playing it live for the first time at the MacCrackens show on the 14th. Missing it would be, well, unadvised…

In other news, we FINALLY wrapped on the vocals for “Vipers and Charlatans.” What does that mean for you? MORE FREE MUSIC COMING SOON.